August 31, 2015

Company Overview

Company Walking Trail

Founded by Tim Scronce, Scronce & Associates, LLC is a Winston-Salem, NC based private equity firm that invests in small to mid-size, entrepreneurial companies that are in transition and need both financial and business support. Scronce and Associates geographic focus is the Southeast United States..

The Dilemma

Growing businesses experience several critical phases in their life cycle. Scronce & Associates focuses on supporting businesses during their transition to becoming mid-sized companies. Entrepreneurs who have built businesses know there is that unique moment in the growth of a company where it becomes too small to be big and too big to be small.

This phase can be "make or break" for business owners due to a number of challenges occurring simultaneously at a time when a company may not have the bandwidth to take it on. Successful small business owners usually have an idea in mind of where they want to take their company, but lack the direction and resources to get there.

The Solution

Scronce & Associates is dedicated to helping fast-growing small businesses during this critical period and making it possible for them to take the next leap forward. Through a combination of small business financing and advising, our team enables previously undiscovered companies to move forward with a sustainable growth strategy without tying on the risk that can often be a part of that process. To learn more about the Scronce & Associates business approach, visit Our Approach page, or View a Brochure.

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